Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Don't Pay Extra For Outdated Want Ads

For every unemployed person looking for a job there are several others willing to help them find employment... for a price. While paying employment services and going through executive search companies are long standing practices, many in today's job market are answering advertisements for job offering high pay, even for those without credible job skills and with the advertisement's professional presentation, many of those who can least afford it, are sending away for the information.

With a computer, online access and a web site, just about anyone can become a job placement counselor overnight. No experience required. Unfortunately, what most of these online services provide are outdated help wanted ads from around the country. They may peruse the want ads of many different newspapers, sorting the ads by region and when someone comes to them for help finding a job, they send out the ads relating to the field of employment being sought.

The problem with many of these services is that they don't bother to purge their employment lists on a daily basis and many of the ads can be several weeks old before the job seeker ever receives them. If the ad requests the applicant send in a resume, it may arrive weeks after the position has been filled and the job seeker will never know what they didn't hear from the company again.

While there are a few online sources for finding a job, sticking with the larger online job services is the best bet. Even then, many of the jobs are filled faster than they are removed from the site's list of openings.

However, just because one job is filled doesn't mean you should forget about using online resources for your job search. It simply means be careful about which service you choose to use.

Additionally, you have probably seen advertisements about government confiscated homes, cars and merchandise being offered for sale at ridiculously low prices and you can have the list by calling a toll-free number and then giving your credit card number to pay for the list along with postage and handling. When the list arrives there is a good chance much of the information is old. Cars and houses have already been sold and you will essentially have a history book of past sales.

While buying this information can cut down time spent looking for deals, the federal government's General Accounting Office offers this same, timely information on its website available for free, along with the information needed to make a bid online. It may take a little time searching for what you're looking for, but the pay off is the money you save by not buying an outdated list. Just about every list being sold online can be compiled on your own for free, minus the time you spend cruising the internet.

Monday, July 09, 2007

How to Make Money Online

Can a person actually make money online? Can a person really run a home-based business on the Internet? These seem to be questions that are on everyone's minds these days. It seems that so many people are looking for an easier lifestyle. However, you have to realize that there are a fair amount of scams that offer ways to make a substantial amount of money online. It is too bad that many people get burned by these scams. Many people see beyond these scams because they want to ditch the usual 9 to 5 grind. When people think about making money online, they think about making extra money that they can put towards saving or alleviate the tight money crunch.

Unfortunately, there are many misleading internet advertisements that offer you the promise of making you right overnight. Many of these programs are scams. The truth of the matter is that it takes time and effort in order to create a booming business on the Internet and to make money online as well. You simply must get past all of the scams out there and do your homework. One legitimate way to make money online is by affiliate programs. You have to be able to follow an easy to follow, proven formula in order for affiliate marketing to be successful. Once you do your research about affiliate marketing, you will be able to take your first step towards financial freedom.

With time, you will be able to understand the perks of being able to promote people's programs, products and services. This method of making money online seems like a great way to go and seems to be the most promising one to make residual or recurring income. You will actually find that marketing online can be fun and rewarding. It is not as hard to make money online as you may think. You can even find a variety of affiliate programs that have tutorials along with support. As you work from home you always want to maintain consistency and persistence. You should probably work your program about 2 to 3 hours a day at the least. To see real results, you will want to work 5 days a week. Make sure that you choose products and services that are high in demand.

Remember not to become discouraged by Internet scams. You must be persistent in trying to find a genuine way of making money online. Don't be fooled that you will be able to make millions in just a few weeks.

Truthfully, money can be made through the use of the Internet, but be sure to keep your expectations realistic. You must give your business time to grow. The more energy you put into your online business, the faster you will see results. All in all, your ability to make money on the Internet will depend a lot on you. Again, it is possible to realize income online, but it largely depends upon your effort and persistence.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

What Are Home Business Leads?

If you are operating a home-based business, you probably already know that your site should be filled with useful content, be optimized for the search engines, and listed in the various online directories. You may, however, be forgetting about business leads – another important part of your online venture.

The main problem in attempting to grow your business will be the lack of a solid customer base. All start-up ventures have to deal with this sort of obstacle; it is not an easy obstacle to overcome. You already know that the competition on the Internet is quite tough. In addition to this, it is probable that your potential customers just do not know where to find your business. In all likelihood, they do not even know that your venture exists.

The solution, of course, is two-pronged. If you have been optimizing for the search engines and submitting your site to online directories, what you are really doing is helping your customers find you. But did you ever think about actively finding your own customers? Like any master salesman, you must learn to find your own prospects as well, not just let them come to you. You must take the initiative if you are really serious about making your home-based business work.

One way to find potential customers is to use home business leads. Home business leads are contact information that usually provides the name, address, e-mail address, phone numbers, and perhaps some relevant demographic information of prospective clients. If are having difficulty tracking down your own customers, consider buying a few leads – it can really make a big difference. If the leads you receive are appropriate and timely, you will make your share of sales and thus improve your profit.

There are many sites that offer home business leads. For a small charge, these companies will give you information on likely clients. Companies that generate leads do so through a variety of methods, such as internet surveys, phone surveys, and e-mail blasts. Be wary though: there are companies who obtain their information through illegal means (such as spamming), so if you catch a whiff of any wrongdoing, discontinue your association with that company immediately.

Also, observe your lead generating company closely. Remember that their role is to help you grow your own business; if they do not seem to be interested in doing that, rethink your relationship with them. The best lead generating companies will go out of their way to make sure that you get what you pay for.

You will usually be charged a certain dollar amount per lead. However, leads are relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to the costs of tracking down your own buyers. If you have done that in the past, you know how draining it could be, in terms of both time and money. If you have a moderate amount of cash earmarked for expansion, buying leads will allow you to get in touch with more people who can help you.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Internet Home Business

Running an internet home business can be exciting for anyone who likes dealing with customers, fulfilling orders, or maintaining a web site. There is much money to be made in this endeavor. Deciding which internet home business to invest in or create can be difficult unless a person has a background in something that is marketable on the internet. Many people make the transition from working for a company to working on their own by applying their skills to running their own business. An internet business can bring a person much joy and comfort while affording them more time to spend with friends and family.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usThere are many jobs that utilize the internet including consulting, editing, selling products, offering advice, creating web sites, photography, and graphic design just to name a few. Some people work for a company but work from home due to the nature of their job. Data entry specialists, customer service representatives, and other customer support roles are being offered to those who want to work form home. These people report to work at a certain time and work a regular work day except they are working form home. Answering customer questions and complaints via email has become a very popular way to conduct business. It saves space and money if a person is based at home. As long as a person gets their work done, they will continue to have a job.

An internet home business is for those who are responsible enough to set their own schedule, want to make as money as possible, and are able to provide quality service in an industry that needs them. They do not have to dress up, or deal with office politics. People who run their own businesses are usually very happy and would not go back to the traditional way of working. This does not mean that in the future they might not go back to work for another person, but chances are, they will find another internet positions or start their own business.

Starting an internet home business is easy. There is little overhead cost involved. Many companies will furnish a person with a computer or expect them to have one. A person will need an internet connection and usually will need a fax machine. Other than that, the person does need anything else to do their job professionally. When a person decides to start their own business, they may need more equipment. This will be different for different people and what they are trying to accomplish on the internet. Many home businesses are run successfully on the internet. People use the internet every day for many of their needs. From buying clothing to ordering dinner, the internet has become a necessity. The people who are profiting off of it will not run out of work any time soon.

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Using Opt-in lists and Smart Marketing

How much time do you spend reading unsolicited email? If you are like the majority of consumers, very little. Surveys show that 70% of ‘spam’ (email that you did not request) goes unread. That means at least 70% of net users did not open them email, did not read through it, and did not click on the link to the sales page. This article will discuss the alternative to unsolicited email: opt-in lists.

In online commerce, getting your product to the right buyer is absolutely vital. But what kind of customer do you want? Do you want to reach every potential lead on the internet? Do you want to flood email in-boxes around the world with your products? Or do you want to find the best match for your products? Opt-in lists are an excellent way for you to reach that special customer with your goods and services.

Not all lists are the same, so beware. Opt-in lists are not randomly generated lists that allow merchants to spam customers. Opt-in lists are populated by people who have agreed to receive email from specific types of marketers. If you go to a gardening web-site and sign up for their mail list, you have opted in. If you allow this site to share your email with other gardening sites, you have opted in again. Net consumers frequently share their email in this way, and are usually very happy to do so. It is a simple and effective way to get offers and information from not just one vendor, but many, and most consumers welcome these emails.

There are two basic types of opt-in lists. The first is collected by the merchant herself from her own page, and can be as simple as an email link stating that you, the merchant, will send occasional information to your customers. The people who click this button want you to write them, and they are by far the most likely to buy from you again. The second type is a list purchased from a reputable researcher, a list compiled from willing buyers who have expressed an interest in your product or a similar item. Remember, however, that the key distinction is that the email addresses on both of these lists were willingly shared by their owners.

One of your goals as a work-at-home businessperson is to put your products into the hands of the people most likely to buy it. You’ve written stellar sales copy, and your product is unique and highly desirable, so why waste your time and effort trying to reach people who have shown no interest in it? Random email lists have response rates as low as 1%, and some lists never generate a ‘click-through’ to your site. Purchased opt-in lists, on the other hand, can generate a 10% visit rate, or higher. It makes good business sense to reach the right people with opt-in lists.

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