Saturday, December 16, 2006

How I Failed With Affiliate Programs

A few years ago I married an Italian woman and left my Caribbean island, I came to Italy to live among pizza, spaghetti and fashion, and to work as a waiter.

One day surfing the Internet, I discovered that many people were making thousands and millions of dollars from the net, then I began to investigate how to do it, in order to make money online too, because I had left my job as a waiter, I had no money and business was my passion.

All Affiliate Programs say that it is easy to make money and they provide you with all the necessary tools, suddenly I said: This is the opportunity of my life, the programs are free to join and I have nothing to lose. Believe me I was so excited that I could hardly sleep at night.

I began to join the first programs dreaming millions of dollars, I got my referrals links and started to promote my links everywhere I found a free advertising space but these free advertising took me to other programs of course always the same "make easy money" and I joined some of them. After a week I was member of at least 15 programs, working more than 11 hours per day.

My wife was very angry with me because I did not have time for her, the only things that I had in mind were the programs and the dollars I would make.

After a couple of weeks with a lot of programs and still no money the confusion in my head was tremendous, it was hard to remember all the programs I had joined, ID and password, my inbox was full of mails everyday with tons of offers. I thought that something was going wrong and tried to organize the work but at this point everything was very difficult. I was tired and with a terrible backache, but to give up is not my style.

I tried for weeks to improve my situation and to understand what was happening, if other people had made money why me not? There was no answer to my question. I thought that it was not for me, that I was not able to do this work. From the bottom of my soul something told me try, try and try, I continued to research and found a very interesting site that astonished me saying: "you'll get your money making site for free", you know 100% customizable, several streams of income in autopilot a lot of testimonials and so on.

I read the whole site 10 or 12 times, the guy seemed honest and I tried to imagine how I could make money with this site. The situation was five affiliate programs to join, only one with a monthly fee
($ 30.00) and around $ 40.00 between domain and hosting, 24/7 training and support and some bonus, I thought for a little while and decided to take part and risk some money I would get my own site ready to "make easy money".

After two days everything was in my hands, the big day had arrived and I did not lose one second went to the step by step guide (high quality) where he explained how to start. Everything was set up - a free autoresponder (suggestion upgrade ), campaigns to launch, pre written ezines and much more.

The point was that I had to spend thousands of dollars in adsense, solo ads, launching campaigns, upgrading the autoresponder and in order to customize my site I had to upgrade my account. I knew almost nothing about html, autoresponders and traffic generation and a lot of people were in my same situation.

As I had no money all these things were impossible to do for me, my life was a complete disaster and my dreams were gone with the wind. I was deeply afflicted and my wife wanted to divorce, what a terrible frustration.

Q- How many mistakes?

A- It is not possible to count them.

Let us see my situation after 4 months of intensive work

- Unemployed

- Still no money

- A big crisis with my wife

- A lot of affiliate programs

- In box full of mails even spam

- Around $ 550.00 spent

- Nobody on my list

- Zero traffic to my site

As you see I had fallen into the trap.

I felt like a fool who trusted everybody and had wasted four months of his life. At the same time I realized that in all those hours of long work and research I obtained experience and learned how the system works, then something good could happen....

Draw your own conclusions from my mistakes trying to work from home.

Moral : There is always something behind the scenes. You need an x-ray vision or you will fall into the trap.

The second part coming soon.

My Mistakes And Experiences With I.M.

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